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Ditch processed foods and learn to peacefully cook delicious whole foods in 5 easy-to-repeat steps, using just 3 pans, for a longer healthier life.


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Not just recipes, but a cooking process!

  • Ditch processed foods and learn to cook delicious nutritious whole foods.
  • Learn 5 Easy-To-Repeat Steps for cooking nutrient-rich foods as a way of life.
  • Learn to keep it simple by cooking with just 3 pans. 
  • Join Rebecca Thompson, certified health coach and avid home cook for a FREE mini course and lots of  bonus extras.

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Eating too many packaged foods because they're so darn convenient?  Trying to overcome food cravings or loose a few extra pounds? Don't know what to cook or what foods to buy at the store? In this course we help clear that up!

I'm Ready to Make a Change!

Why Is Your Health Important To You?

It's a question we so rarely ask ourselves yet fundamental to any meaningful change.

Hello, I'm Rebecca Thompson, founder of Cook Well Feel Well, an online cooking course. I'm also a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach issued by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

I believe feeling well shouldn’t be a burden or a matter of privilege. We are each of us, in battle, in one form or another, and I believe feeding our bodies whole foods and being more present in our lives helps us feel better, together.



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What's In The Course?

I designed this online course to help make cooking satisfying, nutrient-rich whole foods easier for you — less packaged, ultra-processed foods that can lead to inflammation, fatigue, and chronic disease. Everything listed below is included in the lifetime Premium Cooking Course!

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16 Secret Sauces

Keep-It-Simple Sauces to mix and match with any plant protein combination.

48 Plant Protein Combos

Trusted combinations to match with any of the Keep-It-Simple Sauces.

5 Protein Braises

Fall apart delicious budget friendly weekly go-to braises loaded with nutrients.

5 Use Your Leftovers

Simple and delicious ways to make a protein packed meal of leftovers.

3 Meat Marinades

Simple, full-proof, mouthwatering meat marinade & rubs free of additives.

3 Power Organ Meats

Delicious ways to incorporate nutrient-rich organ meats into your diet.

Kitchen Kit Links

All the tools we use in the course with links to help source them easily.

Pantry Staples List

Favorite go-to pantry staples to have on hand for easy last minute sauces.

Life Changing Wok

Seven trusted reasons why I love cooking with a carbon steel wok.

5 Trusted Steps

An easy-to-repeat approach for cooking plants & proteins.

5 Golden Gut Rules

How to feed your body like your life depends on it.

Gut Health Bone Broth

My no-fuss-make-it-while-you-sleep bone broth recipe.

Peaceful Bonus.

An entire section devoted to cooking and eating mindfully. Trusted everyday, anyday, meditations for balancing your microbiome and realizing peace and ease in your day.

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You will go to the market and fearlessly choose a wide variety of whatever plants and proteins look fresh, from a wide range of food groups — food that’s colorful and full of nutrients — confident you know how to easily cook them so they taste delicious.

We are empowered in our well being.

Packaged, ultra-processed foods are making us sick — leading to inflammation, fatigue and chronic disease. This cooking course helps change that.

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I was sick, really sick.

The doctor's words rang in my ears, "You have inflammation and diseased cells throughout your intestines....this is serious...."



Feel empowered in your health.

Ditch the processed foods making us sick and discover a fuss-free way to cook healthy whole foods. Join my FREE 3-Day CookStart today!

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Words of Inspiration...


"Sometimes I dream of Rebecca's cooking! I learned how to make a sweet potato lasagna dish for my family that's worth the course alone. Even my son who doesn't like vegetables devoured it."


"I ate packaged foods — so much sodium, along with other things I can't even pronounce. Rebecca's cooking showed me how to cook food that's good for me. I snack less and have more energy." 


"I was diagnosed with diabetes and my daughter wanted to loose a few extra pounds. We took this course to get back on track — less processed foods, fewer sugar calories, and the inspiration to do it together."

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An Important Note

The content in this course has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. This content is provided on the understanding that it does not constitute medical advice or services. Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner when making changes to your medication, diet or overall healthcare plan.