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Ditch processed foods and learn to peacefully cook delicious whole foods in 5 easy-to-repeat steps, using 3 pans, for a longer healthier life.

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Cook Well Feel Well


Not just recipes, but a cooking process.

What You Learn:


Not just recipes, but a cooking process.

5 Easy-To-Repeat Cook Well Steps to help make cooking feel second nature.


Cook with only 3 pans.

Life in the kitchen can be simple, just like our ancestors have survived and thrived for a really long time.


Secret Sauces.

16 Keep-It-Simple Sauces inspired by the flavors of a region to elevate any plant and protein combination.


The power of the human microbiome. 

How we can feed the good microbes living in our gut and starve the bad, for a stronger immune system and greater vitality.


The power of the gut-brain axis. 

How millions of nerves and neurotransmitters from our brain to our gut tell us how to act and react and a mindful approach to living can bring ease and health to our lives.


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Little Habits Lead to Big Changes.

Let cooking be a way of life. Feed your body diverse, whole foods which help protect you from viruses, shape your immune system, and produce the essential vitamins you need to survive and thrive.

Sound Familiar? 

  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Eating too many packaged foods because they're so darn convenient?
  • Feeling the effects of inflammation and fatigue from your current diet, and ready to make a positive change?
  • Trying to overcome food cravings to keep extra pounds at bay?
  • Don't know what to cook or what foods to buy at the store?
  • Need to find easy, wholesome ways to feed a hungry family?  Just like your ancestors did?
  • Join me inside my online cooking course — crafted especially for you.


What's In The Course?

I designed this online course to help make cooking satisfying, nutrient-rich whole foods easier for you — less packaged, ultra-processed foods that can lead to inflammation, fatigue, and chronic disease. Everything listed below is included in the lifetime Premium Cooking Course!

16 Secret Sauces

Keep-It-Simple Sauces to mix and match with any plant protein combination.

48 Plant Protein Combos

Trusted combinations to match with any of the Keep-It-Simple Sauces.

5 Protein Braises

Fall apart delicious budget friendly weekly go-to braises loaded with nutrients.

5 Use Your Leftovers

Simple and delicious ways to make a protein packed meal of leftovers.

3 Meat Marinades

Simple, full-proof, mouthwatering meat marinade & rubs free of additives.

3 Power Organ Meats

Delicious ways to incorporate nutrient-rich organ meats into your diet.

Kitchen Kit Links

All the tools we use in the course with links to help source them easily.

Pantry Staples List

Favorite go-to pantry staples to have on hand for easy last minute sauces.

Life Changing Wok

Seven trusted reasons why I love cooking with a carbon steel wok.

5 Trusted Steps

An easy-to-repeat approach for cooking plants & proteins.

5 Golden Gut Rules

How to feed your body like your life depends on it.

Gut Health Bone Broth

My no-fuss-make-it-while-you-sleep bone broth recipe.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca


Let's cook together! Learn how to make cooking healthy foods a way of life so you're less dependent on packaged ultra-processed foods full of refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, harmful additives and preservatives that lead to weight gain, inflammation and chronic disease.

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I want this cooking course to work for you and I'm confident you'll find things of value. If, however, you discover it isn't for you, simply email me within 14 days of your purchase and you'll receive a full refund. Guaranteed.

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What Others Are Saying...


Sometimes I dream of Rebecca's cooking! I learned how to make her family-favorite plant & protein lasagna for my family that's worth the course alone. Even my son who doesn't like vegetables devoured it.


I ate packaged foods — so much sodium, along with other things I can't even pronounce. This course showed me how to cook food that's good for me. My body feels less bloated and I have more energy.

The Result? 

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An important note.

The content in this course has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. This content is provided on the understanding that it does not constitute medical advice or services. Always work with a qualified healthcare practitioner when making changes to your medication, diet or overall healthcare plan.